Fresh Meat

by Naked Kids



FID Recordings


released June 8, 2010

Nik Johnson




Naked Kids Los Angeles, California

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Track Name: Thugz
Before I die, I wanna be friendly
I wanna meet a surfer and a thug
A loser and a punk, oh yea.

Before I die, I wanna be manly
I wanna meet a girl with a bug
And get it on my rug, oh yea.

Everything sounds fun
Living on the sun

Everything sounds fine
Sleeping all the time
Track Name: Stockboy
I’m sitting in my bad dreams
I know I’m one to blame
Just wasting my fucking time
And livin’ off my moms dime.

Yea I’m a stockboy.
Yea I’m a stockboy.

My memories will be so cool.
I loved wasting time in school.
But I’ve gotta go I’m gonna be late.
Cuz I’ve got so much time to waste.

Yea, I’m a stockboy.
Yea, I’m a stockboy.
I left my friends and I’d do it again.
Only regret is not taking em with.
Yea, I’m a stockboy.

Everything is so trite.
And then I’m wilt and die.
Track Name: All
If you love you someone. You better tell somebody.
Cuz if you let them go, You only get to kill yourself once…

My generation called, They said they’re out of money.
Someone should let them know, They only get to live their life once…

When I wake up in the morning, I go into the streets
I feel a disconnect between you and me honey
You don’t care but I just can’t take it all